Welcome Home Cooks! This is our family’s journey through the Nourishing Traditions Cookbook. Each day we will be posting our experiences as we make our meals from only this book. May we both be encouraged, sharing the ups and downs of learning to nourish our families with these treasured recipes. It may be a little messy. It may even be a little hectic. But, it is sure to be tasty too. And create a table of nourishment for our family to gather at. Here we go……



Things that make me smile #1:
Reading Margaret Early’s “William Tell” to a five year old. For the twenty-second time.

Things that make me smile #2:
Hearing an older, very inventive son say at dinner that we ought to create a robot that will do all the post-dinner clean-up for us.

Things that make me smile #3:

And hearing a younger brother respond in a very casual way, to that very inventive older sibling that, “It ain’t all about us, it’s all about God’s glory.”

Things that make me smile #4:

Seeing a seven year old run into the kitchen early in the morning to tell me that according to his calendar, today is a day to celebrate. It’s George Washington’s Birthday! So, we ought to have ice cream at our celebration for him.



Mama and the boys have been spending the last few days talking about 1 Corinthians 13 and how thus the cross beseeches us to treat each other. Mama mentioned how we ought give good reports of each other, rather than bad ones in light of that.

Mama is now in the kitchen working on making Spinach Feta Pastries.

“Mama, can I give bad reports about the spinach?” Is that okay?” – asks 5 year old Johnny, in all seriousness.




We have an actual dinner bell which our oldest son spends many a pre-dinner moment trying to mimic with greater and greater accuracy.

It is the sound of “Gather! Let us Break Bread together!” It is the sound of let us praise our God with a hymn. It is the sound of let us be thankful to serve our God. Thankful aloud in prayer. It is the sound of let us learn more of our Mighty King’s bidding, who it is our pleasure to serve. Learn from the expounding of His Word. It is the sound of together. It is the time to make Him known to our generations. Those that sup here, at the table this bell has heralded them to. Those that will come to their tables. Generations heralded as we break bread. Together.

“When I grow up…

116_0612“When I grow up, I am going to build a house with a window in the East to see the sun rise and a window in the West to see the sun set, and a window in the ‘that way’ (South) and a window in the North so I can look out it everyday while I eat and do Bible time with MY family!”
-Jake John-David, 7 years old, after learning about how the compass works.